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Standart Baiting the Electrician

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Baiting the ElectricianFound this online:Got a few messages that wanted this story.A few weeks ago, I **** baited an electrician and my husband observed. My husband and I have used this electrical company before and this time, we wanted an outlet in a corner on our deck so we could use it for our outdoor lights and a fan. We asked for Mike when we set up the appointment. Mike was a big, strong, tattooed man with a beard. I thought he was pretty hot and he made us laugh last time with drunken stories. He was the total opposite of what we were expecting from hiring an electrician.The plan was that I was going to be sunbathing on the deck and would tease him after my husband left. My husband would actually be watching and listening from an open upstairs window.So my husband gets home from work and Mike gets to our house at 3pm. My husband answers the door and I'm out laying on my stomach in the lounge chair in a pink bikini. My husband and the electrician walk outside on the deck and I notice Mike check me out as I look back at them."Sunbathing time is over honey. We have company," my husband said.I slowly got up and walked across the desk and into the house. I heard them discussing the price and everything and my husband told him that he had to go and I would pay for it when he was done. He told him to just yell for me.My husband actually had to get in his truck and drive off down the street because the guy went back to his van. Then he came back in when Mike was outside. He whispered to me that I should tease the fuck out of him and he would help me if Mike tried to **** me. We kissed and he grabbed my ass and started to finger my pussy through my bathing suit until I got really wet. I started to get really nervous and shy about how Mike would react. My husband went upstairs to bornova escort watch out the window and I went back outside."Hey, you don't care if I lay out here right?" I asked Mike."No, I don't care.""My husband said I shouldn't, but he's gone now, so I'm gonna get some sun.""Sounds good to me," Mike said."Yeah, I didn't think you would mind the view" I said smiling at Mike.Mike didn't know what to say but he smiled and stared."He's always trying to control me," I said."You should just do what you want." Mike said."Yeah, fuck him."Mike didn't say anything and I laid out in the sun with my sunglasses on. Mike would look over at me every now and then. I rubbed some Hawaiian Tropic lotion on my legs and tummy and caught him sneaking peeks.It seemed like he was moving slow and taking awhile to install the outlet. He wiped some sweat off his forehead and said it was getting hot."Do you want some lemonade? Come inside and cool off..."Mike said okay and I got up and walked in the house. He followed me in and I made sure to adjust my bikini bottoms when he was behind me. I poured us some lemonade from the pitcher and gave him a glass. Then I sat on the kitchen counter and drank the lemonade with him. We talked about boring shit until I spread my legs a little and pulled up on my bikini, which appeared to drive him crazy."Your husband is a lucky man. You...""Why? What were you gonna say?""Oh, I forgot I'm working. Not supposed to tell you that you look really beautiful.""Oh, thank you. Don't worry, I won't tell your boss. Don't tell my husband but I like your arms and your beard.""Thanks.""And don't tell my husband, but want to help me with my lotion? I need some on my back.""Yeah, I can do that" Mike said.We went back outside and I laid down on the lounge. escort bornova Mike slowly walked over and I handed him the bottle of lotion."Can you do my back and legs? I put my hair in a pony tail and pulled it in front of me. Mike squirted some lotion on his hands and some on my back.""Mmm, love your rough hands.""Yeah? You like it rough?"Wow. I was floored that he asked that and definitely thought he was going to try and fuck me and I would have to turn him down."Yes, I love it," I moaned.He rubbed my lotion on my back and shoulders. My husband and I didn't discuss getting naked so I decided to go for it and see if he would suddenly "arrive" home. I tried to see him but couldn't really see him because of the glare."Actually, I don't want tan lines on my back because I have an open black dress so let me take this off" I said.I unhooked my top and took it off while I was still laying on my stomach, trying to be modest. He rubbed some more lotion on my back and down to my bikini bottoms. I was getting really wet.I kinda pulled my bikini bottoms down as he squirted lotion onmy legs. He did my legs pretty quick and then spent some time around my thighs. His hand brushed my ass and I let out a tiny moan. He got some more lotion and went back to my inner thighs. I thought he was going to try and touch my pussy but he just got really close."I guess I should go back to work," Mike said."Thank you""Gonna be kinda hard to work now though...ha.""Sorry" I said.Mike went back to work and started to rub my wet pussy while still on my stomach. I rubbed myself through my bikini and then put a hand down my bottoms.Mike seemed to notice a few times what I was doing as he was working. Finally our eyes met and I arched my booty up and really started fingering my pussy."Yeah, bornova escort bayan I can't work like this. So fucking hot. Do you need help?""My husband won't let me play with you. I'll just have to masturbate to you because you got me so turned on."I flipped over so he could see my 36D tits and my hand down my bikini bottoms. He asked if he could watch me and play too and I told him that he needs to finish working. I thought this would make him mad and he might try something but he just went back to work. I watched him and alternated between two fingers inside me and rubbing my clit. He looked over at me and watched me cum as I started to moan."Was that good?" Mike asked."Oh, fuck, yes," I said."Craziest call I've ever been on.""Yeah? You never fucked a housewife?" I asked."No, one was wearing a robe that came open. She flashed me.""She did that on purpose, probably. She's a bad girl like me. I should be punished."Mike came over to me and looked at my tits and where my pussy got my bikini wet."I can punish you with my cock if you don't tell your husband... or my boss.""No, sorry. You can spank me a few times, but i'm not going to let you fuck me. I probably couldn't stop if you tried though."Mike didn't know how to take that but he grabbed my bikini bottoms and slid them off of me. He looked inside and saw the inside was nice and creamy. He rubbed my ass a little and then spanked me. I moaned and he spanked my ass harder and harder. I told him to stop or my husband would see bruises. He stopped and rubbed my ass. I heard him unzip and turned to see him take his cock out and start stroking it. Then he got near my pussy."Don't put your cock inside me" I said.Mike jerked his cock for a few minutes and came on the deck. He went to the kitchen and got some water and poured it on his load, trying to wash it down the crack. Then he went back to work and finished the outlet in a few minutes. He didn't say much after he came. I think he was getting freaked out. My husband "arrived" home and paid him. Then spanked me and ****d me for being such a bad girl
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