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Arrow How many times a month do you have sex, how much 'more' or 'less' is enough?

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'Sex' is not the same as eating rice, when you eat too much, your fat swells on your face to condemn yourself. Eating too little is a bug. Too much sex doesn't make you fat. but may be dark Which is similar to when you're lazy to apply sunscreen. If there is little, it does not cause malnutrition. But I'm not sure if my girlfriend will be sick or not. Or will you say you're in good shape? It's a dilemma ทางเข้าJoker123 in the hearts of many young people. about the frequency of having sex How much is called 'more' or 'little' and more importantly, How much is 'too much' or 'too little'?

A husband and wife sit together in a jacuzzi. According to the instructions in the document attached in the Kama Sutra Kit box that a friend bought for me from abroad. “Patience your partner.” Husband narrowed his eyes, focusing on a piece of paper. read aloud slowly “Massage her scalp”…“massage her wrists”…“slap her buttocks”…he frowned, “I don't understand. Should I do it all at the same time? So what can I do? I have to have four hands." The wife's side picked it up and read it. She was shocked as well. They both agreed that the manual should be thrown away. Hurry up and take a shower and go find something to eat. At 8 p.m., the wife has to Skype to talk to the child. The husband must check the stock price before the market closes.

If you throw this crazy box to a young couple They probably won't even finish reading. But it can be followed in a flutter way. End the night in a swing There's another tomorrow, it's evening again, and it's going up the next day. Find a way to flip back and forth without getting bored. That husband and wife couple Try having them ride back in time in a time machine. They might as well do it. People in their late teens to early adulthood never question whether they have too much or too little sex. Sex is sex, having is good, and they rarely have a problem with not starting.

getting older We have less sex, everyone knows. A survey from the GSS or General Social Survey by the University of Chicago confirmed that. Men and women aged 18-24 years had sex on average 7-10 times a month, ages 25-29 reduced to 8 times, aged 30-49 years had 6 times a month, and aged 50-59 years had sex on average only 8 times a month. 4 times (well, like being punished) GSS analyzed and concluded that On average, human sex drives decline by about 20% per decade. I find the numbers dry. This may lead to the too arid conclusion that as we age, sex deteriorates accordingly. I can't take it, say it. And believe that many people listen to these numbers and are shocked. I'm dead. I'm forty and still have sex every other day. We're too horny Will you become a sex addict? Or if anyone gets a number less than this, it will start noid. Or we're going to have sex. Take it easy. Survey results aren't everything. These are the numbers people provide information about their actual sexual behavior. But we didn't talk about Is it really a 'need' if you have sex 10 times a month but you want 20 in your heart? What if you only had two times a month but your heart only wanted one? Where are each of them the same?

I know a senior named Plai. She is the general manager of a private company. From her early thirties to her late 40s today, sex has been deprived of priorities in situations where children come first. and it continued to decline. From having had three times a week one time left And it's steadily decreasing until having to change the counting unit to a month When it comes to children, it means nine million burdens and problems that you and your partner can't deal with. "Well, it's like.. sometimes he invites us. We're ok. After taking a shower, the sound of the start of the car suddenly rang out. And then it races away. Who gave him permission to take his father's car? What time will it be back? will you answer the phone? The mood is gone."

Like almost all parents You step into your life as a symbol of the end of the era of the next couple. Now just wrap your waist, kiss your shoulders, or gently squeeze your palms to encourage each other. It is the most intimate expression that can be found in everyday life. Sex used to be a purely fun and exciting activity. It becomes an activity to do only when there is a hidden agenda, for example to support the family. maintain marriage Continuing the project, requesting to reverse the new car avoid arguing, etc.

“Is it ok?” he asked innocently.

“So are you okay? Is your husband okay?” I retorted, and as expected, Plai didn't know. They never even talked about it. Is it any wonder that people grow up? The more you explain anything in the wider world knowledge of the stars in other galaxies but gradually less and less When it comes to our closest people and what is on their minds.

I have never had a child Haven't lived with the opposite sex for more than 10 years. I can't say I understand the feelings. Can't say who's right or wrong But I, or even an elementary school student, would say that it is not normal if husband and wife do not understand each other. Either by spoken language or by body language. and if you don't understand each other long enough It will make them no longer know how to touch each other.

Some older couples may be happy to have sex once a year on their wedding anniversary. and some couples whose grandchildren have moved out have their own families It may come back to have sex again. Become a quack twice a week Young couples may be okay with the frequency every other day. Or some couples of university students may be very happy. with helping to solve chemical formulas Until having sex once a month is okay. The answer is that there really are no norms for it. Today's sex behavior is shaped by society and culture on a par with that. (or perhaps more) an innate desire instinct So it's the same thing as taste. Some people sniff their boyfriend's panties and feel satisfied. If your girlfriend likes to smell it too It's really a happy ending, isn't it? The keyword of the question is whether the two of you are 'happy' with your sex life. And both answers are the same?

The big manager revisits herself to find that she's enjoying sex for a long time. times as it is She found that when he kissed her softly The night she came home late make her feel at ease In comparison, she prefers long-term sex. You must wash your face and brush your teeth first. (It's a mutual agreement) and since he went belly up She was annoyed by the sound of his belly fat pounding on her little belly. Time to thread into the needle “It's not serious. But I think it's better once in a while.” That was the answer of Phi Plai. Then she decided to ask her husband for answers as well. She said she was ready to adjust if his needs weren't for her. whether more or less

“What about him?” I was excited.

“So how did you get this bastard box?” Phi Pla looked left and right. Then take the instruction sheet from the Kamasutra box for me to consider. She was sure I could help. I used to be confident in myself too. But I really don't think that you have to sit and scratch your head to be such pitiful There must have been a mistake in translating it from the Indian language.
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