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Chronicles of Lonvenholm [InProgress, Alpha 0.2a] Keliar

Adult Porn-Game

Update: 18 May 2016
Genre: ADV, Fantasy
Censorship: None
Developer / Publisher: Keliar
Platform: PC / Windows
Publication Type: In development
Version: Alpha 0.2a
Language: English

Version: Alpha 0.2a
Narrative section
New prologue chapter more focused on action and quick-paced narrative with the first pure-text combat scene. Current release concludes non-magical origin point set for CoL.
A requested feature, full textbox concealment. By default it’s bound on the right mouse button.
We used a more classic approach to the sex scene this time around; let’s see how you react to this variation.
A few new treats from our visual artist and a slight update for existing backgrounds. You know the usual, epic type. Damn, I want to reach the art goal faster to commission more work.
A pack of new tracks from awesome composers found their way to set up the right mood for reading.
Combat section
A new combat sprite for Eileen with full set of basic animation.
XP and talent system is here for a trial run. Each battle will reward all of your officers with experience, active characters get a bonus for participating + a bit of extra for combat performance. You don’t need to play the noble’s prologue again to get the corresponding XP, start of chapter one will serve as an equalizer.
New skill sets for Eileen and your alter ego are ready for prologue’s challenges.
Fixed a jump-in position of the bottom line for melee attacks.

Interface section
A new talent window in the roster menu to support the talents/perks feature.
Fixed a bug with sliders sometimes being stuck in the “zero” zone.
Fixed a bug with incorrect placement of soldiers after picking up an active soldier, failing to place it properly, then successfully dragging and dropping another already chosen unit in the same squire.
Fixed a bug in the roster, Rolf’s HP bar was occasionally stolen by your alter ego.
Tweaked font size for some buttons.


Download file - 500.0 MB
Download file - 112.8 MB

Download file - 500.0 MB
Download file - 112.8 MB
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